We strive to create an environment that encourages the free and open sharing of ideas. We’ve created a home at BSides Saskatoon (BSides YXE) and have invited you all inside to be inspired and educated. It is impossible to keep the free and open sharing of ideas without risking someone getting their feelings hurt. We don’t expect adult and professional behavior at all times; a little mischief can be fun. We do, however, expect you to be respectful of our virtual and physical space and that of our other invited guests. In addition to our physical convention, this environment touches a number of online forums including, but not limited to; Mastodon, LinkedIn, YouTube, Slack, and the BSidesYXE.ca website.

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for harassment of any kind, be it physical, verbal, or sexual. We define harassment as any unwanted or offensive online or offline communication or behavior, including con-related social media.

If someone is engaging with you in a way that makes you afraid or uncomfortable during an in-person event, please inform a member of our Staff.

In the end it is the responsibility of us, the organizers of BSides YXE, to define bad behavior. If you are engaging in bad behavior (e.g. heckling or haranguing speakers, or violating the photo policy), you will be given a warning that your behavior is not acceptable. If you continue, you will be asked to leave or, if the behavior is particularly egregious, you may be immediately ejected from the conference and proper authorities notified. In an online forum, you will be removed from and/or blocked from the format in which the bad behavior was committed.

For online infractions, you will receive one warning from BSides YXE staff. Upon a second infraction you will receive a temporary ban from BSides YXE’s online presence. You may be reinstated once you take the requested online action regarding the media in question. If you refuse to edit or delete the media as requested, this may result in your being permanently banned from BSides YXE online media or future in-person conferences.

TL;DR Do not be an ass or we will kick your ass out, in-person or online, and we’re the final arbitrators of what being an ass means.

This CoC shameless borrowed from BSides Las Vegas, and modified slightly for our needs.